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Isolator Fitness has now made reaching your fitness goals easier...
by creating The ISOJUG.

Our insulated gallon water jug holder is a must have for all of your fitness and outdoor needs!

Great for:

  • Beach
  • gym
  • sporting events
  • working outdoors
  • and much more!


ISOJug Features:

  • Insulated gallon Jug holder MADE IN THE USA!
  • Mesh side pocket good for storing your wallet, keys, headphones and other accessories!
  • Full top zipper for easy accessibility 
  • One 12oz ice brick keeping your drink colder, longer
  • Easy-carry shoulder strap
  • Available in different colors to fit your style. *Fits most gallon size containers. Gallon container included in Combo only.*


    - Reusable,
    - BPA-FREE plastic gallon
    - Screw on cap
    -Built in handle
  • (1) 12oz Isobrick
  • (1) Removable shoulder strap
*It is HIGHLY recommended that you leave the cap OFF when freezing liquid in the gallon, a side effect of being BPA-FREE is that the GALLON looses flexibility when below a certain temperature and the expanding liquids can cause it to crack.