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ISOBag Sidekick - Isolator Fitness, Inc

ISOBag Sidekick

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ISOBag Sidekick
Isolator Sidekick

The ISOBAG® Sidekick gives you everything you need to turn your ISOBAG® into your new favorite all-in-one gym bag. To complement your meal management system, the Sidekick provides room for gym clothes, books, or anything else you might need during the day: clothes, an extra pair of shoes, your laptop, or even your Isolator ™ Proforce Series Lifting Straps.The separate storage space keeps food away from your belongings, making the Sidekick a must-have accessory for fitness enthusiasts, trainers, avid outdoorsmen and women, and the busy professional on the go to and from the gym.


  • Will attach to the 3- or 6-meal ISOBAG® and Harness
  • Available in a range of colors to match your existing meal bag
  • Lightweight materials, weighs almost nothing
  • Manufactured in USA


*Isobag, sidekick and other accessories sold separately